Heather Hannah


Heather is a dedicated speech pathologist who was welcomed to Echo Speech in 2021. She is a mother of three and is local to Port Stephens, where she enjoys being actively involved in the community.

One of Heather's greatest strengths as a speech pathologist is her ability to motivate children during therapy sessions. She has a knack for making therapy fun and engaging, which helps her clients make the most of their time together. In addition to her clinical skills, Heather is also highly knowledgeable about literacy and language development, which makes her a valuable resource for parents and educators.

Outside of work, Heather is an avid coffee lover and enjoys spending time with her family, going camping, and exploring the beautiful beaches of Port Stephens. She is always up for an adventure and loves nothing more than making memories with her loved ones.

Overall, Heather is a compassionate and skilled speech pathologist who is deeply committed to helping children reach their full potential. She is a valuable asset to any team and is sure to be a great resource for families in the Port Stephens area.

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