Services for Children

Creating Confident Communicators

The experienced and energetic team of speech pathologists at Echo Speech are passionate about working with all children, from infants to late adolescents.

With decades of knowledge and experience within the industry, our team encourages your younger child to have fun while learning through our engaging play-based process, it won’t even feel like a lesson! We also endorse parents getting involved to promote a relaxed atmosphere for your child to enrich their therapy.

Expect your older child to be highly motivated throughout our sessions, as we help them engage by implementing their interests and imagination to enhance their language, literacy and social interaction skills.

Our services include:

  • A focus on all aspects of communication - talking, listening, speech sounds, stuttering, reading, writing
  • Individual therapy sessions for children and adolescents
  • Group therapy
  • Online therapy
  • Professional development for parents and teachers

Why Your Child May Need Speech Pathology Services

It can be difficult to discern if your child could benefit from speech pathology therapy, but there are signs to look out for that indicate that your child may benefit from our services:

  • Delays in language development
  • Difficulties pronouncing specific sounds
  • A diagnosis of autism or dyslexia
  • Struggling to learn at school

If your child encounters communication challenges it can affect many areas of their life and personal growth, causing frustration, reducing their confidence, and affecting their social abilities. Early intervention is key, and that’s why we love to work with families to provide your child with an advantageous start.

Echo Speech is a Medicare provider, NDIS registered for children 7 years and over, and recognised by private health insurers. Contact us to find out more about funding options.